by Jakob Greenfeld

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Actionable pain points research delivered straight to your inbox.

5-minute reports

We spend hours digging through all kinds of sources and interviewing people to find promising pain points. Then we package the most interesting insights into actionable 5-minute reports and send them straight to your inbox.

"Customers don’t pay for ideas; they pay for their problems to be solved."

- Nathan Barry (Founder of ConvertKit)

Ever-growing database

In addition to our regular reports, we curate an ever-growing database containing all the pain points we discover during our research.

"Successful startups solve problems. Therefore, it follows that — to build a successful startup — you have to solve a problem. Easy, right?"

- Justin Mares (Founder of Kettle & Fire and Perfect Keto)

Far too many aspiring entrepreneurs still do it backwards and start with an idea, a solution looking for a problem. After months of working on their product, they start to wonder: "How do I find customers for this thing I built?"

Using clever marketing tricks, they might be able to convince a few people to buy it. But generally it will be an uphill battle and something that can and should be avoided.

It's far more effective to de-risk product creation by starting with a painful problem.

The key question then of course is: what are some painful problems that are waiting to be solved right now?

Each of our reports contains answers to this very question that we curate using a combination of proprietary algorithms and hours of manual work.

5-minute pain point reports delivered straight to your inbox.

"Remember the Dan Kennedy story where his house was on fire. He didn’t know it and he was on the phone and he’s ignoring this guy who’s banging on this door to get his attention. He just thinks he’s an annoying pest. Until he realizes the house is on fire and the guy’s trying to help him. And he went from being an annoying pest to a welcomed guest.

I think that’s the best story that you can ever study for this. You have to be the answer to their problems. As long as you’re the answer to their problems and you’re in their world talking about their pains, their hopes, their desires and what they’re going through in their lives... you’re not going to be an annoying pest you’re going to be a welcome guest.

But if you just go out there guns blazing with another sales pitch day after day after day or more of the same old thing they’re getting from everyone else you do run the risk of being an annoying pest.

So you have to really sit down with your knowledge of your market and say “What do these guys want and then how can I give it to them?” And just do that and you won’t be a pest. It’s impossible to be a pest to someone if you have a solution to a problem that’s really bothering them.""

- Ben Settle (Legendary copywriter)