There is this famous story about a man who's house was on fire.

He didn’t know it. He's on the phone. He's busy and ignoring this guy who’s banging on this door to get his attention.

He just thinks he’s an annoying pest.

But this changes as soon as he realizes the house is on fire and the guy’s trying to help him.

Instantly, the guy at the door went from being an annoying pest to a welcomed guest.

"You have to be the answer to their problems. As long as you’re the answer to their problems you’re not going to be an annoying pest; you’re going to be a welcome guest."

Bet Settle (Legendary Copywriter)

Far too many aspiring entrepreneurs still do it backwards.

They start with an idea; a solution looking for a problem.

After months of working on their product, they eventually wonder: "How do I now find customers for this thing I built?"

This is obviously a recipe for failure.

Oftentimes it turns out, the product does not solve any real problem and nobody cares about it.

It's much smarter to de-risk product creation by starting with a painful problem.

"Customers don’t pay for ideas; they pay for their problems to be solved."

Nathan Barry (Founder of ConvertKit)

"Successful startups solve problems. Therefore, it follows that — to build a successful startup — you have to solve a problem. Easy, right?"

Justin Mares (Founder of Kettle & Fire)

Now you're probably wondering: Okay but how can I find painful problems that are waiting to be solved right now?

If that's the case, I got some good news for you.

The only reason why Pain Points Pro exists is to answer just that question.

Here's what's included: